Hadrian’s Gate (Three Doors)



Hadrian’s Gate (Three Doors)

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Hadrian’s Gate (Three Doors)

Hadrian’s Gate (Three Doors) was built in 130 AD due to the arrival of Emperor Hadrian to Antalya. Located on Atatürk Street on the walls surrounding the ancient port and is the most important point of the entrance to Kaleiçi.

The building, also known as Three Doors among the people, is one of the best preserved and iconic historical monuments of Antalya.

Since the city walls covered the outer part of the door in time, it was not used for years, thus it has survived until today without deterioration. The building has 3 door openings with round arches.

Except for the columns, it is made entirely of white marble and decorated with magnificent carvings and reliefs. There are 2 towers on both sides of the door.

The Julia Sancta Tower in the south is from the Hadrian period and the lower part of the tower in the north is from antiquity and the upper parts were built during the Seljuk period.

It has the appearance of Roman Honor Plug with its three-eyed entrance rising on all fours and its double-faced architecture decorated with columns.

There were probably statues of the emperors and their families on Tak. However, no one of them has survived to the present day.

It is one of the must-see points in Antalya trips.

In recent years, a glass bridge made without stepping on the original stone floor under the central arch has been extended to the stairs.

Thus, both the floor was actually worn and the problem caused by the difficult walking on it was avoided, and the following floor continued to be followed with the transparent bridge.